The STEM Institute for Elementary Teachers is an interactive professional learning workshop for primary and junior-level teachers (kindergarten to grade 6). The program shares innovative teaching strategies for integrating science, technology, engineering, and math into classroom lessons. Teachers discover new ways to have students apply their knowledge and are equipped with information and resources.

Professional Development Workshops

Are you planning a PD day for your school or board this year? Work with us to plan a workshop for your network!

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The following workshops are available for PD days this year. To help set the stage we highly recommend we start with the “Process of Science” – a workshop that shares effective strategies to engage students in STEM as a foundation for all STEM workshops.

  • Process of Science – Making Your Science Classroom Come Alive!
    Discover engaging ways to jump start classroom science as we explore curiosity and thinking like a scientist, using observation and inference skills.
  • Creative Prototyping
    A guide to practical strategies that engage students in hands-on  prototyping. We explore quick creative challenges that can be done in any classroom.
  • The Classroom Outdoors
    Take your learning outdoors and become citizen scientists. We create easy-to-use tools that empower students to gather data and record their observations of the natural world.
  • Math – The Science of Patterns
    Explore patterns and how they can be used for prediction and code-cracking. Discover math and patterns in nature to inspire creativity in your students.
  • Seeing the Invisible
    Discover how to transform your cell phone into a powerful tool to explore the “micro-world” then we’ll use this to explore close up crystal shape and the structure of objects to get you started.
  • Structures and Shapes
    Examine the form and function of structures, see explore how shapes are affected by forces that act on or within them, and how this can guide the design of new structures and mechanisms.
  • Diversity in STEM
    Discover free resources can equip you to engage students in addressing inclusivity and equity and how to engage students with open-ended activities to encourage dialogue and discussion.
  • Energy in Our Lives
    Learn creative strategies for teaching about energy, and how you can use tools to engage students in exploring renewable and non-renewable energy, from production to consumption.
  • Engineering Energy Solutions
    Explore how students can act as engineers with activities that encourage creative thinking as they use the design process to address energy consumption.
  • Widget Building Workshop
    Widgets are fun and simple activities that illustrate science concepts. We’ll include easy widget build projects that explore STEM and encourage critical thinking skills.
  • Properties of Air and the Basics of Flight
    Explore the physical properties of air, Bernoulli’s principle, and how different aspects of flight work through engaging and practical experiments and activities.
  • Exploring Simple Machines
    Explore the different types of simple machines, the ways we can use mechanical advantage, and the applications of simple machines in our day-to-day lives.
  • Coding Without Computers
    Investigate hands-on activities to learn the basic aspects of coding – without computers! Explore how essential programming concepts, such as variables and syntax, can be presented to very young students in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Science of Sport
    Investigate the science behind the human body and discover engaging activities that investigate the physics and chemistry of the human body. Explore how our bodies work to as we perform physical activities and understand the role that science plays in sports.

Each workshop includes hands-on ideas as well as a handout to show how they can be replicated easily in the classroom.


In-person workshops are returning in Summer 2024! Be sure to join our mailing list to be the first to hear where and when these workshops will happen. Remember in-person spaces are limited! Check out our “Past Workshops” tab to better understand what we offer.